Monday, September 27, 2010

Mashed Cinelli.

Oh cool, a generic made in China track frame! And what's this, it has street cred by way of the cool dudes from MASH! Give me a break, if I wanted to buy an aluminum track frame made in china I would buy a Leader or a Fuji. The idea of having to pre-order one of these and pay a shit load for it bums me out! And don't get me started on that Raleigh x Mike Giant x Macawhatever things. Ugh....I'm sure Jared Leto is getting really excited.
Update: Check out the hilariously catty comment from the US dist, of Cinelli.


  1. Lol, sure am glad nobody reads your blog full of misinformation. People may start to read it if you do some research, and are truthful when dispensing your information.

    There is nothing generic about this frame, and while it is made in China, (just like everything else at this pricepoint) it is completely designed by Cinelli and MASH, then made in China with Columbus and Cinelli's oversight.

    Please contact me at in the future, if you have any questions. This way we can avoid you embarassing yourself further;)

  2. Well I guess that nobody includes the US dist. of Cinelli and I guess that the input of the MASH crew means it's useless on the track but looks great locked outside American Apparel.

  3. Yes, Mr. Beers. So full of misinformation. China, check. Aluminum, check. Limited run, check. Shit load, check. Geometry, check [to be honest, it's exactly the same as a Bianchi Pista, except .5deg in a few sizes]. I suppose the term "generic" is up for debate, but it looks that way to me. Makes me wish I'd bought an Olympic back in the day. I'm going to go downstairs and wax up my vintage supercorsa. RIP Cino.

  4. That bike looks like it's about to fall on it's face. Ugly if you ask me. Front heavy. Who would actually put any miles on that bike?