Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A real Cinelli.

This is about two wheeled perfection, with a little longer stem though. The more Cinelli goes the easy money MASH, sell to the lowest common denominator route, the bigger the disconnect they create. A shame really because they still make nice rode bikes, I think? My head has been bashed in by so many vigorelli's that I can't remember the last time I saw an add or any publicity for anything else from Cinelli. Too bad, the XRC stainless bike looks great and that's my point really, no one who buys a can of FOur LoCO is also simultaneosly in the market for a $90 bottle of cabernet sauvignon.


  1. good blog! thx for writing, and for reppin' high quality bikes! -b

  2. But you are the one buying Four Loco...

  3. The irony of your title and photo selection is that many would claim that Cinelli SC, although quite lovely, is NOT a "real Cinelli" since it's a frame made after the sale by Cino to Columbus. Cino Cinelli no longer had anything to do with the bikes and purportedly hated the later logos.

    That being said, the Columbus era still produced some nice bikes and the Supercorsa, the model you posted was STILL being hand-made. Indeed, even though it later moved to Columbus Neuron tubing and the geometry got a bit tighter, the bikes still had ok quality and with a nod to SC of old. The later 90s and 2000 plus Supercorsas were actually built by Giovanni Losa, a respectable builder in his own right. Sadly, Losa became gravely ill and stopped building in 08-09. I'm not sure who is doing the latest SC builds as of '10.

    - kh