Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My first roadbike, WTF?

If any of you are as old as me you may remember that in the 80's Sony did a line of products for kids called "My first Sony" and this new resurgence of roadbiking and people jumping in headfirst with crazy richer bikes and no idea idea how to ride them, I guess the point of this rant is that like my first Sony walkman these bikes work like a grownups but look like they are for a child. This fine Cannondale as seen on the weightweenies forum is this creeps first roadbike, such a fail on the fit yikes, look at those bars and the carbon saddle pushed all the way forward.....ugh. Oh look baby got his first roadbike.


  1. for a first roadbike, this is weak.
    I think this is worse than people hanging around parking lots trying to barspin.
    You shouldn't be upgrading past a 80's lightweight steel bike until you are either super fast or winning cat 5's.

  2. I totally agree, learn how to shift and corner.