Saturday, May 29, 2010

Product Review

Much to my dismay it is warmer in Alaska than it is in Seattle, if fact we have the worst weather in the US right now! Ugh so I have taken it upon myself to fight off the malaise of winter with some retail therapy, so my B-day present to myself a Rapha stowaway, I could not pull the trigger on the pink one, I am a euro d-bag but not that much. This jam is so light, it's like paper but the water beads like nothing I've ever seen and because of the thinness it's super breathable, and with a long sleeve jersey under I would say it's good down into the 40's, so perfect for most of year but the coldist winter storm. Conclusion; if you spend this much on a coat it will guilt you into riding and at the same time make it bearable while being stylish, no homo.

Oh and you look so much better than those clear raincape creeps and you look So metal next to the neon commuter crowd.

1 comment:

  1. Been wearing my same thing today. It's LUSH! best £££ I've spent on a rainjacket.