Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Richard Sachs x Speedvagen ?

I have been in love with Richard Sachs for along time, I love those bikes and his super oppionated views which he has no problem in expressing, he even came up with an acronim to punctuate his rantings; ATMO, according to my opinion. I have latley been postulating that a steel race bike is the wave of the future and Speedvagens seem be the personification of that. So when this bike graced the screen of my computer I really didn't know what to think. A Sachs painted by Vanilla in the Speedvagen colorway......Something looks off I can't really put my finger on it but I don't like it.

The compact crank is not helping.


  1. i agree, the army green and futura bold graphics belie the tradition of sachs. It's selling out to 2007 hipster fashion.

  2. The small frame and deep dish wheels are what looks "off" too me. The rest of it looks amazing!

  3. Since when was this a Vagen colorway? Deep dishes are for pizza. The worst part about this bike is the out of place record seatpin. Yes, I called it a seatpin.

  4. what about that's different from the 2009 team cross frames other than the color, the record post and fizik saddle, and of course being a road bike?
    of course it's gonna look off being a small frame, short head tubes should be added to randy newman's list of why "short people got no reason to live"