Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Is the Universe Collapsing?

This is stolen from the Svelte Cycles blog. The new personal bike of none other than Richard Sachs, a Gaulzetti Cicli ! I've been lusting after one of these ever since I laid eyes on em. But $2500 for a aluminum frame is a little steep since that's what a highend custom steel frame costs. Aluminum is just as hard to work with so it isn't any cheaper than steel, makes all those made in America Cannondales seem like a great deal now! Pretty cool though apparently Sachs is going to give his master input, improving the breed. There is word of a carbon and Ti version coming soom built by Crumpton and Lynskey, respectively. I still think it's kind of funny since Sachs refuses to build his own frames with carbon forks?
Ps. The Sachs ATMO build kit is bumming me out, Cole wheels, Sram, Oval. Yuck!

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