Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Covering My Bases

When you start to ride more, all those long days stacked one after the other, it's nice to invest in a few things that make the days glide by. Especially this time of year when those long days in the rain are finished off by a chandelier of wet clothes drying in the shower. So it's nice to have a few luxury items covering the bases. I'm not a glove guy but these soft leather Giro LX gloves are the jam and I hate wearing helmets but this Lazer is one I really find myself not minding and my love for white Sidi's needs no intoduction, the best Period. Still made in Italy, rarer and rarer these days. Up keep on a guy like me gets expensive. I do really hate when I see some old man on a $7000 Ti Seven with cheap worn out shoes he bought nine years ago and Performance brand shorts. Have a little dignity.

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