Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Helmet Hipsters

I got an email from the UCI regarding new helmet mandates for 2010 and Euro certifited helmets like Catlike will not be allowed. SO all you helmet hipsters and Thor Hushovd's who want to start racing track just buy a Lazer, oh on second thought I have one of those buy a, a Giro. Catlikes are GROSS any way.


  1. Thor could wear that helmet since "European helmets with the CE sticker are only allowed in UCI races on our shores". If I remember correctly pro's aren't allowed to race in non-uci races (unless they do like lance did last and race for a local shop like mellow johnny's)

    Either way, those helmets should be banned regardless.

  2. Dudes, wait till I get rid of mine before you drive down the value!