Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Love is.....

Love is riding a steel bicycle. My newly refined 88' Paramount with the addition of Campy 10spd barend shifters retrofitted as downtube shifters, I think I may have found IT....steel frame and fork with the modern convenience of 10spd indexing, too good. But those Deltas, the screaming noise and the pulsing, there is the little issue of not stoping. The question is should I keep these guys on the mantle or should I sell them? Is it wrong to keep something I hate, just for shits?


  1. i thought your name was matt beers, why do you need to stop? remember "look good" is the number 1 rule "safety" is the last.
    i really like the 10spd adaptation.
    but not a huge fan of the stem. just never liked the look of them. but what do i know.
    i hope you are well.
    dÓn magic...

  2. brendan said it well, what do you need to stop for? you just need to slow slightly to avoid things. go. Go! GO!

    keep them. or sell them to me so i can kill myself with style.

  3. sick.
    i've been following the blog for a while and never posted. This bike reminds me of my Super Le Tour III that I've updated to an 18 speed.
    Could you give me a little explanation of how you got indexed shifters on the DT?

    i love campy, but get rid of those deltas and put something good on.

    Japanese parts bring much honor and respect to my bike.

  4. That is awesome. Now just get some decent looking wheels. Those look horrible on that bike.